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Aug. 30th, 2008 @ 06:08 am Promo: Mal's Women Fanfiction Festival
Hope this is okay to post!

Wanted to let you all know about my malswomenfest lj fanfiction festival writing community. Its based on the following pairings; Mal/Inara, Mal/Zoe, Mal/Kaylee, Mal/Nandi, Mal/River, Mal/Saffron. Basically, there is a prompt suggestion time period, a claiming time period, a writing time period and then a posting period. Then, the unused prompts are "recycled" and used again with whatever new ones are suggested for the next round with some time in between for some great fic. As you can see its based on Mal and the main women of the Firefly show and Serenity movie. Hope to see you there!
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